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The do's and don'ts of rhinoplasty surgery (Revealed by the medical experts)

NYC rhinoplasty specialists

The medical procedure comes with a list a dos and don'ts and when the procedure is cosmetic, the dictums need to be followed word-by-word. Rhinoplasty is one of the most preferred and opted for procedures in New York. However, what people don't understand that the nose takes a huge beating in the procedure and needs all the time it can get to heal.

The decision to undergo a nose job/rhinoplasty procedure is a daunting one. The changes to the nose change the whole appearance of the person. It often leads to increase in self-worth and self-confidence. However, before going under the knife to make these changes, understand each and every aspect of the procedure. Consult the leading NYC rhinoplasty specialists. Discuss the necessary dos and don'ts.

Before Rhinoplasty
Before you go in for your rhinoplasty procedure, your cosmetic surgeon will give you a few guidelines that you will need to follow for an excellent procedure. Make sure you understand them all and follow diligently.

  1. Do stock up in your prescriptions before the procedure
  2. Do have lip balm and cool beverage in hand
  3. Do enlist your close friend or family member to help you with your post-op at least for the two days
  4. Do speak with your cosmetic surgeon and discuss your procedure in detail.
  5. Do go in for a second opinion with other NYC rhinoplasty specialists if you are anxious
  1. Don’t smoke at least two to four weeks before surgery. Nicotine slows the healing process.
  2. Don’t use any aspirin, brufen or herbal supplement before and after two weeks of your rhinoplasty.
  3. Don’t travel alone. Arrange transportation beforehand.
  4. Don’t do anything strenuous before your Rhinoplasty.

After Rhinoplasty
Once you are done with the procedure, your surgeon will tell you that your nose will require time to heal. Following your surgeon’s instructions will help you heal quickly.
  1. Do drink plenty of fluids.
  2. Do keep a cold gauze over your eyes in the first 36 hours of surgery.
  3. Use humidifier
  4. Use hydrogen peroxide and cotton swabs or Q-tips to clean your nose and stitches
  1. Don’t wash your face until the cast comes off. You can clean your face with a damp cloth.
  2. Don’t close your mouth while sneezing.
  3. Don’t move your upper lip too much after the surgery
  4. Don’t bump your nose or do any exercise of any kind
  5. Don’t use any aspirin based pain medication. Ask your surgeon to prescribe you one.
  6. Don’t wear your glasses for at least 6 weeks after rhinoplasty
  7. Don’t blow your nose or use nose drops to clear it. It will be a hurdle in the healing process.
  8. Don't use hot tub at all
  9. Don’t shower. You can take a bath if you want.

Are you thinking about getting Rhinoplasty? Have you found your cosmetic surgeon? Consult Dr. Jennifer Levine. One of the leading NYC rhinoplasty specialists, Dr. Levine is double-board certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, and the American Board of Otolaryngology.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Feel confident, fresh & younger with these facial plastic surgeries

Cosmetic surgeries are gaining popularity as many cosmetic procedures have become increasingly well accepted and used. These surgeries help to enhance the face appearance by improving certain areas of the face.

United States and Brazil are two countries with highest total number of cosmetic procedures in 2016' according to a survey released by Statista.

There are several types of facial plastic surgery procedures available that aim at reconstructing the regions of neck and face. Given below are some of the popular procedures for facial plastic surgery in Manhattan -


The skin of the face loses its elasticity over time, causing it to look loose and less firm. A facelift procedure makes your skin tighter and more toned. In this procedure, the cosmetic surgeon makes a hairline cut from behind the ear into the scalp. In case your face needs chin uplift then a small cut is made below the chin. With these incisions, the surgeon removes the extra skin and tightens the remaining facial skin. The facelift procedure gives you a 10 years younger look and reduces the wrinkles and sagging of skin.

Blepharoplasty: Aging can sometimes cause sagging of upper eyelid skin. This can make a person look older and at times block his/her vision. Cosmetic eye surgery can be a good option to deal with this issue. Along with Blepharoplasty, forehead lifts can also be performed to remove the creases and frown lines around the forehead.

Rhinoplasty- This surgery is used to reshape the nose. Rhinoplasty can alter your nose, make it look smaller or longer and correct any kind of birth defects related to nose. In this surgery, the doctor makes small cuts to access the cartilage and bones supporting your nose. As per the requirement, some of the bone and cartilage is removed or tissue is added. Usually, these cuts are made inside the nose area.

You probably hear about cosmetic surgery has various benefits. In a recent study by ScienceDaily revealed “cosmetic surgery may help patients quit smoking”

Lip AugmentationLip augmentation is a cosmetic procedure used for fuller and plumper lips. There are a variety of cosmetic fillers that can be used to enhance your lips. Some of the most common fillers used for lip fillers include Juvederm, Voluma & Volbella, Restylane, Restylane Lift & Restylane Silk, and Belotero and Radiesse.

Septoplasty – This surgical procedure is used to correct deviated septum (displacement of bone and cartilage that divides two nostrils). During this surgery, the nasal septum is repositioned in the middle of your nose.

Chin and Cheek Augmentation- The chin and cheeks define the facial features. Sometimes these features are not that prominent and may require enhancement. Chin and cheek implants are invaluable in facial balance and enhancement.

The most important point you need to consider before getting plastic surgery is to find a reliable plastic surgeon. If you are in New York and looking for facial plastic surgery in Manhattan, consult Dr.Jennifer Levine. She is one of the most experienced cosmetic surgeons in the New York City. To book a consultation or appointment, you can call at: 212.517.9400

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Things to know before Cheek Augmentation in NYC

The overall structure of face depends upon the cheeks. High cheekbones are the signs of beauty. Less prominent cheekbones give the face a tired and lifeless appearance. Nonetheless, the technology available today offers numerous methods to restore the beauty. Cheek augmentation gives your face a fuller and youthful look.

Cheek implants

With age, the tissue over the cheekbone falls and creates a flatter appearance. In the cheek augmentation, the changes are made in this area using implants. Cheek implants come in different materials, shapes, and sizes. You can even combine the cheek lift with a facelift and get the full effect. It corrects the face and creates the required balance.

Consider these things before selecting a cheek implant
There are a few things that you must know before selecting your cheek implant.
  1. The cheek area includes lower eyelid area
  2. Your face might be asymmetrical and your surgeon will make the correction accordingly
  3. Your cosmetic surgeon might consider other face procedures first to give full effect
  4. Consider office treatments as they have minimum downtime
Are you planning cheek augmentation? Dr. Jennifer Levine is the leading cosmetic surgeon specializing in cheek augmentation in NYC.

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What type of chin implant should you choose?

Cosmetic surgery is a boon for someone who wants to change the way they look. Just like your eyes or nose, your chin gives a strong appearance to the face. A weak chin can make your face look vapid. A well-defined chin gives a face symmetrical and shapely look. If you don't like the way your chin shapes your face, you can go for the cosmetic surgery to make the required changes. Chin implants are popular among men and women in New York. It is an excellent option for anyone who feels that their chin makes their face asymmetrical.

What is a chin augmentation?
Chin implants or chin augmentation is a renowned procedure to shape the face. It is very common and widely used in New York. Surgical implants are placed in the underlying structure of the face. The placement of the implants alters the look of the face. The cosmetic surgeon manipulates the jawbone and adds the implants to create the desired effect.

Chin implants create a better profile. It creates harmony among the features of the face. Nonetheless, it is quite tough selecting the type of implant that is perfect for you. Consult an experienced cosmetic surgeon in New York to know what kind of type chin plant will suit you.

Types of chin implants
  • SiliconeOne of the most commonly used implants, Silicone implants are preferred by the cosmetic surgeons. They are smooth, flexible and soft. As they come in different shapes and sizes, so you can choose according to your face type. The pocket for the silicone implant must be made precisely as they do not stick to the surrounding tissues. As they are soft, they can also be removed easily.
  • Polyethylene
    Created by brand, Medpor, the Polyethylene implants are porous, less flexible and hard. With numerous shapes and sizes, the implants are porous, the surrounding tissues grow into them and incorporate them. The growth of surrounding tissue fixes the implant in the place. The blood supply prevents any infection. However, it also makes the implants difficult to remove.
  • PolytetrafluoroethyleneThe product of brand Gore-Tex, the Polytetrafluoroethylene chin implant is known as it’s abbreviated name -- ePTFE or Gore S.A.M. This implant is soft and flexible but very strong. During chin augmentation, it (the implant) is placed in sheets and kept in place with the titanium screws. The screws are attached to the bone. Nonetheless, the implant material is porous. The tissues get incorporated and hold the implant in place.
The above mentioned chin implants are all artificial. This makes them biocompatible and safe as chin implants. They have an extremely low chance of infections or creating problems inside the body. They are all FDA cleared and widely used chin implants in New York.
  • Acellular Dermal Matrix
    The last type of chin implant is ADM or Acellular Dermal Matrix. ADMs are tissues that come from tissue donors. The surgical technicians remove the layer of skin, epidermis and treat the remaining epidermis with antibiotics. All the substances that might lead to the rejection of the implant are removed. No part of donor’s cell or DNA is left in the body.

Chin implants change the way you look. If you are interested in chin augmentation, consult Dr. Jennifer Levine. She is a leading cosmetic surgeon in New York.

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A Quick Guide to Blepharoplasty

Looks are aesthetic for all of us. It builds our self-confidence and makes us face the world every day. Even a small thing such as a pimple or a blemish can mar our good mood. However, it is not our skin that someone first notices. It is our eyes. Our eyes are very expressive and are prone to the first sign of aging: sagging skin. With time, our eyelids lose their elasticity. The excess skin sags making our eyelids look droopy and sagging. For years, women have used various skin tightening creams hoping to get their young eyelids back to no avail. Nevertheless, we have a solution for you - Blepharoplasty.

Being a New Yorker, the first thing you need is to look perfect. Whether it is sagging skin or the fine lines everything can be healed even the droopy eyelids. Simply known as eyelid surgery, Blepharoplasty is a medical procedure that removes excess of fat, muscle and skin buildup from the eyelids. Common as an outpatient surgery program, Blepharoplasty is also done as a medical procedure along with the aesthetic one as droopy eyelids can impair the vision. If done as a medical procedure, the insurers also cover the cost of the procedure.

Candidacy for Blepharoplasty
Whether done as a cosmetic or a medical procedure, it is necessary that the candidate should be:
  1. In excellent health
  2. Have realistic expectations from the surgery
  3. Do not suffer from circulatory or ophthalmological issues
  4. Willing to follow post-operative surgical instructions
Age, ethnic background and skin type of the candidate is also kept in, while reviewing them for the procedure. Physical activities and certain environments need to be avoided. If a candidate can follow all the instructions of doctor, then only he\she is considered a perfect candidate. It is imperative that you select your Blepharoplasty expert after a thorough check.

Blepharoplasty gives the patient a taut skin and an overall youthful appearance. Any Blepharoplasty expert in New York will tell you that procedure itself is very short (between one to three hours). The procedure corrects the vision impairment. The patients who underwent the procedure say that it has changed the way they feel about themselves. It has given them a burst of self-confidence.

Being a surgical procedure, Blepharoplasty has its own set of risks. Risks of the procedure include
  1. Temporary numbness of the eyelid skin
  2. Blurred vision
  3. Irritated eyes
  4. Difficulty closing eyes while sleeping
  5. Swelling and scarring
  6. Infection from the local anesthesia used in the procedure
While the results may vary for different individuals, all patients who opt for Blepharoplasty see the improvements in their look and self-confidence immediately. Nonetheless, Blepharoplasty is a safe medical procedure when performed by a Blepharoplasty expert in New York. Dr. Jennifer Levin is one of the top Blepharoplasty experts in New York. Make sure you consult her once before opting for the procedure.

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A Complete Guide To Ultherapy Uplifting

Ultherapy, a new name in the field of cosmetic beauty. It is an another sort of non-surgical, non-invasive method for the face that utilization's ultrasound and the body's own particular regular recuperating procedure to lift, tone, and fix loose skin.

The FDA-cleared gadget utilized as a part of the strategy uses the protected, time-tried vitality of ultrasound to animate the profound auxiliary support layers of the skin-incorporating those normally tended to in a surgical facelift-without irritating the surface of the skin.

What Made Ultherapy Unique From Other Corrective Procedures?

Ultherapy is a non-intrusive treatment that can particularly focus on the profound establishment beneath the skin that is tended to in corrective surgery without cutting or disturbing the surface of the skin. It is likewise the main system to utilize ultrasound imaging, which enables us to really observe the layers of tissue we focus amid treatment and guarantee the vitality is saved exactly to where it will be best.

While lasers normally address issues in the shallow layers of the skin including wrinkles, fine lines, pigment changes etc, Ultherapy tends to the profound skin layer and the foundational layer tended to in restorative surgery that lift and lend assistance to the skin. Thus, the two advancements are very complementary!l

Sorts of Innovation Utilized In Ultherapy

Ultherapy utilizes time tested ultrasound innovation, which has gotten FDA leeway for use in this new sort of restorative methodology.

Is Ultherapy A Surgery?

Ultherapy is not a surgery, it is a non-intrusive strategy that tends to the skin and bolsters layers beneath it, however, doesn't involve cutting or upsetting the surface of the skin. While it is not a swap for surgery, it is a practical alternative for those not prepared for a cosmetic touch up or those hoping to draw out the impacts of corrective surgery.

The methodology has been cleared by the FDA subsequent to exhibiting well-being in clinical investigations, and a huge number of medications have been performed securely around the world.

Who Is A Decent Contender For Ultherapy?

Ultherapy Uplifting in New York is preferred by somebody with skin that has "loose" to the point of looking, and frequently feeling, less firm. A brought down eyebrow line or listing skin on the eyelids, for example, is regularly the primary indication of "developing" skin. Normally, those in their thirties and more established who have mellow to direct skin laxity are competitors.

While Ultherapy is not a substitution for a surgical cosmetic touch up, there are many individuals who need some lifting yet are not prepared for surgery, either rationally, monetarily or strategically. There are additionally more youthful individuals who need to "remain on the ball" and those hoping to delay the impacts of restorative surgery.

To What Extent Does The Ultrasound Treatment Take?

The time taken by the procedure depends on the types of treatment the individual wants to have. Normally 45-60 minutes are taken in case it is a full face treatment, and an incomplete face or temples lift treatment can take around 30 minutes-neither with any downtime.

What Issue Zones Does Ultherapy Target?

Ultherapy delivers gentle to direct free or listing skin. In particular, by reconditioning and restoring the skin from inside, Ultherapy will lift the forehead, which thusly lessens overabundance skin on the tops, opens up the eyes, and gives a more revived look by and large. Patients may appreciate some underlying impact however a definitive lifting and conditioning will occur more than 2-3 months, as drained collagen is supplanted with new, more flexible collagen. As this collagen-building process proceeds, encourage upgrades can show up to a half year following a system.

To What Extent Do Results Lasts?

Patients treated with Ultherapy still have crisp youthful collagen following a year following the strategy, yet skin keeps on maturing. Future touch-up medicines can enable keep to pace with the maturing procedure, which fluctuates by the person.

Is There Any Downtime?

Ultherapy is a completely non-intrusive technique and all things considered, there is no downtime. You can come back to your ordinary exercises immediately, and there are no extraordinary measures you have to take. However, Patients have noted there can be some uneasiness while the ultrasound vitality is being conveyed, however, it is transitory and a positive flag that the collagen-building process has been started.

Is Ultherapy Troublesome?

Solace edges differ from patient to patient, however, there can be some distress while the ultrasound vitality is being conveyed. This is impermanent and a positive flag that the collagen-building process has been started.

Your expert will counsel with you before your skin treatment to make your experience as wonderful as could be allowed. Patients normally leave agreeable and amped up for the advantages to come!