Thursday, 13 October 2016

A Step By Step Guide To Nasal Rhinoplasty

There is no such thing as a perfect nose. Surgery can enhance facial features and emphasize your unique and natural beauty. A plastic surgeon will describe the changes that would enhance your appearance and make you unique. A New York City Rhinoplasty specialist will also consider your overall health and discuss with you the risks, recovery time, and costs concerned.            

There are various techniques for reshaping the nose. The right surgeon should describe exactly what they propose to do.

New York Rhinoplasty Specialist - Dr. Jennifer Levine

In case you have health insurance, ensure that you talk to your insurer so that you know what is covered and what you need to pay for. If you have health insurance, make sure you talk to them in advance so you know what's covered and what you will need to pay for. Some policies are not payable for procedures that are done only for cosmetic reasons.

Do check that are you a good applicant for nose surgery?

The following are some common reasons why you may want to consider rhinoplasty:
•    Your nose is of weird size
•    Your nose is not fit with the rest of your face
•    Your nose is badly shaped, or out of alignment
•    You have nasal blockage
•    You have some birth defect that you would like to be improved
•    You would like improvement in the appearance of your nose

If you are in good general health you may be most likely a good candidate for it, you just need to have a positive attitude and realistic expectations.

But do select a surgeon you can trust

It’s important to check your surgeon for following points:
•    Education, training, and certification
•    Experience with rhinoplasty surgery
•    Your comfort level with them

Learn how to select a surgeon. After finding a board-certified plastic surgeon in your area make an office appointment to set up your consultation.

After Rhinoplasty Surgery
Rhinoplasty surgery is generally an easy going procedure. Many patients have to face minimal postoperative discomfort, while other may feel comfortable taking oral pain medication. Bruising dissipates steadily throughout the first postoperative week. Swelling generally grows within 48 hours after surgery, however, residual swelling can last for several weeks.

Skin numbness after Rhinoplasty surgery may occur but typically resolves during the healing process. Sometimes, a refining surgery may be required to optimize the Rhinoplasty result.

For safety maintain a relationship with your artistic plastic surgeon, as well for healthy outcome, it’s important to return to your plastic surgeon's office for follow-up and whenever you notice any changes. Do not be indecisive to contact your surgeon when you have any concerns.

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