Wednesday, 9 March 2016

The After Effects Of Blepharoplasty and One Way To Avoid Them

Looking at the progressions made in the field of cosmetic surgery, there has been a huge increase in the number of people undergoing different surgeries. The reasons to go under the knife are usually cosmetic and sometimes therapeutic. However, of all the cosmetic procedures, eyelid surgery has been one of the most popular ones.

In New York City, the reasons behind blepharoplasty’s immense popularity are its positive results in reducing the signs of ageing near eyes. But, before you actually go ahead with the blepharoplasty, you need to consider a few of the complications that may come up after this surgery. What are those complications? Let’s have a look –

Spots and Scars – This is a major concern that surgery brings with it. You should keep in mind that the surgical process involves incisions and cuts. There are chances that this cosmetica procedure is going to leave some scars in the area that was operated.

However, the chances of sustaining scars are minimal if the procedure is handled by a seasoned professional of blepharoplasty.  So, ultimately it depends on your choice of cosmetic surgeon.
Problems with the eyelid folds – The subsequent deposition of fat in the eyelids over the years, leads to the condition called droopy eyes. To get rid of this condition, people opt for blepharoplasty. A major part of this surgery involves the folds of eyes (both upper and lower ones).

After undergoing the surgery, most people suffer the problems related to eyelids (such as excessive folding or higher placements of the eyelid) with the swelling (one of the after-effects).
Asymmetric eyelids – Another major consequence of this surgery is asymmetry in the eyelids of patient. Most of the times, swelling remains around the eyes for a few weeks, therefore success of the procedure could not be predicted within that period of time.

However, once the swelling is gone, the patient gets to see the results regarding any sort of asymmetry in eyelids as a result of this cosmetic procedure. Abovementioned are some of the consequences of blepharoplasty. Therefore you need to be aware of all these impacts before you opt for it.

However, you can rest assured that none such situation will arise if you choose an experienced plastic surgeon. So, be wise while making your choice and ascertain that the facial plastic surgery surgeon you choose in NYC can ensure successful treatment for your eyelids.

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