Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Precautions To Be Taken Before And After Facelift Surgery

Facelift is one of the most popular surgeries in New York, performed for the cosmetic purposes. The number of people opting for this procedure is increasing day by day, because of its benefit of slowing down the inevitable aging process.

However, alongside the surgeon’s efforts to bring a flawless changes on patients face, it is equally important for a patients to follow surgeon’s recommendations to obtain desired results. Here are a few before and after surgery precautions recommended by facelift experts in NYC

Before Surgery

Stop smoking

A month before the surgery, patient should start to avoid or stop smoking. This is because it can impede the recovery process after surgery.

Anti-inflammatory drugs - A big no!

Patient should avoid medications like aspirin and ibuprofen like Advil, naproxen as they can cause excessive bleeding during the operation. One should not take these medicines for at least two weeks before the surgery.

Avoid drinking or eating before the procedure

Drinking and eating before the facelift may increase surgical risks. Therefore, one should strictly avoid it.

Avoid use of makeup

Makeups should be avoided as it will not help the surgeon determine the aging signs on face. It might cause problems during the surgery.

After Facelift

Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption

Smoking and alcohol intake slows down the healing process as it restricts the blood circulation in the body.

Avoid exposure to sun

Patients are recommended to avoid going out in sun for at least two weeks. This is because it worsens the scars and delays the healing process. After two weeks, patient should apply sunscreen every time they go outside.

Keep your head elevated when sleeping

Surgeon recommends patients to put 2-3 extra pillows beneath their head when sleeping. This helps reduce the amount of swelling on the face and fasten the healing process.

Adhering to these all points will help patients recover fast and achieve best results from facelift.

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