Thursday, 14 July 2016

Have Refreshing And Younger Look With Eyelid Surgery

Tired of wrinkled and big bags under your eyes? It's time to consult an eye surgeon. The saggy skin and dark marks beneath your eyes make you look old and drab. For a fresh and vitalized look, the best procedure is lower eyelid surgery. Take advice from a plastic surgeon expert in NYC, for getting rid of under-eye wrinkles forever.

The reasons behind bags and saggy \eyes could be due to old-age, sun-exposure, genetic disorder, etc. if simple natural remedies aren't being effective, then eye surgery is the fool-proof method for solving this dilemma. Eyelid surgery is the process of removal of excessive fat and muscles under and both above the eyelid.

It thus correct the puffy look of the eyes, which is otherwise responsible for the old and tired appearance and even affects the vision. But before you decide by yourself that you want a surgery, it is important to consult one’s ophthalmologist and primary physician. They check
the patient for the possible allergies, the ongoing medications, and overall factors as whether the patient smokes or not and the overall health condition of the patient.

The eyesight of patient is also necessary to check as standard procedure before the operation. The under eye bags, finelines, hooded lids, and wrinkles can be removed easily with surgery. Eyelids are very elastic and delicate. That is the reason, eyelids starts  showing aging signs pretty early on. If you are in good health, then you are ready to go under knife. Depending upon the medication, location, anesthesia , the price of the surgery can vary.

And the recovery can take few weeks and the patients are required to apply special medicinal ointments and ice packs to keep the swelling in check. Sometimes eye drops are given to patients to keep the pain in the eyes to minimum and reduce the chance of infection. And few days later patients use lukewarm pads and dark shades for some days.

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